The Spanish Salami is a traditional Spanish style salami that is made with Spanish Paprika, Garlic and Australian Black Onyx, Black Angus Beef. This Black Angus is created from breeding a pure Black Angus Sire Cow and Black Dam Cow to ensure the most genetically pure Black Onyx, Black Angus which has a hearty rich flavour consisting of a fine marbling score of 3+. The marbling in this Angus Beef has a unique flavour and aroma.

El Toro Black Angus Beef Salami

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  • Ingredients: Australian Angus beef, salt, paprika, garlic, spices,skim milk powder, dextrose (maize or tapioca), mineral salt (450, 451), antioxidant (316), dehydrated vegetable powder, antioxidant (306), starter culture, preservative (250, 251). Contains dairy. 

    Keep refrigerated less than five degrees celcius in vacuum packaging. Store in cool dry place once opened or in th refrigerator. All the salamis are air-dired and manufactured from uncooked comminuted fermented meat.