A combination of fine Mediterranean Sea salt, a gentle and long dry-curing period, together with the centenary know-how of the Redondo Family 'Maestros', all contribute to the delicious result of the Redondo Iglesias Serrano products. This is a 12 month aged ham. 


Redondo Iglesias produces jamon from free-range pigs, in a natural and controlled environment in the South-West of Spain. The pigs are able to travel large distances everyday to access food and water. These circumstances ensure that their meat develops muscle and abundant marbling, a primary characteristic of Iberico pig meat quality. The Redondo Iglesias ham is excellent to eat as hand-cut thin slices, but is also great as a main ingredient in traditional dishes and tapas

Jamon Serrano - 100g

  • There is no refund or return on products purchased online. All our products are made with the highest quality ingredients. 

  • Ingredients: Ham, sea salt and preservatives (potassium nitrate and sodium nitrite).

    Keep refrigerated less than five degrees celcius in vacuum packaging. 

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